Intranet & Company Portals:

You don’t have to be a big company to make effective use of an intranet. Many companies use an intranet simply as a an easy way to centrally store documents and other company information. I have experiencing with building intranet-based applications which I can bring to your company to create an intranet that makes your tasks more efficient.

Whether you are converting a legacy system or starting from scratch, we work with you to outline your needs, architect a system, develop custom components, and configure the hardware and software to take your intranet from concept to reality. Our goal is to meet your internal communication and applications needs while staying within an agreed upon budget.

We realize that the success or failure of an intranet can rest with how well it is accepted within the company. It is common for employees to resist change. By involving them right from the start of the intranet project, we can eliminate much of the negativity that would otherwise jeopardize the project.