Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development:

Custom software development has become a necessity in today’s marketplace. More so than ever, companies need to process vast amounts of information, with increasing accuracy, and in shorter amounts of time to remain competitive. We provide professional software development services, creating simple, easy-to-use software that make just about any task easier and less time-consuming. Whether you need a new system to track inventory and resources; a comprehensive package for tracking orders and shipments; or a robust contact management system we can help. Regardless of how tight your time schedule or budget may be, NetExel provides you with support through all phases of software development but without all the technical jargon. Our Programmers are experts with a broad knowledge of programming languages and a vast array of database technologies. We have extensive experience developing interactive, database-driven websites and web based applications.

Our streamlined workflow enables us to provide custom programming services at a very competitive price, considerably lower than the typical in-house development costs. We use proven project management methods to meet your deadline and budget.

Our consulting services can help you to plan, organize and run your applications, enabling you to make the most out of your IT spending.

Custom Database Design:

Databases rarely garner the awe and respect like the more visible components of a software application or web site. And yet they’re an integral part of the success of just about any software or web development effort. 

A database’s primary purpose is to store data and then facilitate the speedy retrieval of that data. And because a business’ processes are constantly changing, a database needs to be designed with expandability in mind. The requirement for both speed and expandability forms the crux of what database design is all about. 

We can provide a many different custom database design solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We have expertise with traditional client/server type databases often used by companies for reporting and trend analysis, as well as the transaction-based databases commonly used on web sites.

Web Based Application Development:

NetExel can help turn your traditional applications into centralized browser-based applications. Web applications can be securely shared anywhere, at a fraction of the cost of development and management of traditional applications. Reduce your costs and increase your bottom line through web based applications.

All of the traditional bells and whistles you have come to expect in your desktop applications can be done in web based applications. The only difference is reduced costs, greater control, and increased flexibility. Enjoy benefits such as:

  • Centralized Management and Upgrading
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • No Software to Install
  • No Third Party Software Costs or Licensing
  • Ability to Rapidly Adapt to Change
  • Tight Integration to your Existing Data Sources
  • Customized Solutions